The most common ways to get people to change – communication, persuasion or education- are useless when dealing with resistance. Resisters love to keep talking because the more they prolong the discussion, the longer they avoid changing.

Jerry’s practical tools help people start taking action steps in the new direction despite their doubts and fears. People will quickly experience the benefits of the new way, and consequently they’ll develop a positive attitude toward the new approach.

Audiences large and small have a chance to practice these new tools by applying them to changes in their own lives. People are then eager to get back to work and start using: Ground Level Communication; the J-Curve of Change; & Front Loading Benefits.

Jerry’s energizing finish motivates people to immediately put their new tools to work.

In this energetic workshop, you’ll learn new ways to help people change. You’ll …:
• Understand the common thoughts & feelings during the J-Curve of Change
• Recognize the limitations of persuasion and education as influence tools
• Create GLIDE path action plans to motivate people to achieve SMART goals
• Learn to communicate in Ground Level language to make it easy to change
• Begin front-loading Incentives to keep people motivated despite setbacks
• Create Direct and easy paths by removing obstacles and temptations to quit
• Empathize with peoples’ doubts & fears to circumvent their resistance

You’ll leave the session motivated to immediately put your new skills to work. And, you’ll apply these tools in your personal and business lives.

Two concepts will become a permanent part of your managerial toolkit:

(1) The J-Curve gives manger’s a simple, optimistic, and common sense way to discuss the process of change with front line employees.
(2) Use Ground Level words to make it easy for people to start changing – thereby reducing resistance & making the change seem more do-able

The 4 GLIDE path tools will be an essential part of each manager’s toolbox:
(1) Use the 5 WHAT questions to get down to ground level.
(2) Insert the World’s 2 Most Influential Words into all change requests.
(3) Create User Experiences to change peoples’ actions & their attitudes.
(4) Rely on the Bamboo Technique to circumvent resistance to change.

During the workshop, everyone creates 3 ground level action plans that are uniquely tailored to their personal needs and change goals Having these practical plans in hand will increase your motivation to get back on the job and make change happen.

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